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What  People Say About Coach  V


I have started the 21 day fortify challenge with Coach Vickee. I must say, I was skeptical at first but am pleased to say I’m in my second week and have lost 8lbs already. The meal plan was a little scary at first however, after more in-depth research into the meal plan, I realized I eat most of the things allowed daily. Coach Vickee’s fortify plan has allowed me to get creative with the foods allowed. I’m so excited that I’ve obtained more knowledge regarding ways to eat more cleaner meals. 


Addienne A - Social Services

This is just what’s needed “for the culture.” A focus on good nutrition through plant-based foods. Vickee is knowledgeable but not pushy. She’s got a relatable menu with some flex options. I hosted an adult party with people who loveeeee meat. It went over so well, I gifted my 13 year old a vegetarian/vegan cooking party for Christmas. I expect nothing but good fun and fun! I encourage everyone to book with Vickee!

-Jay Brown- Educator

Kayla Morgan shares her "Strengthen with V" Experience

Kayla Morgan shares her "Strengthen with V" Experience

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