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It's here!!!  I'm super excited!

Become a part of Coach V's plant-based tribe as a Cooking Vegan with Vickee member.

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Choose from two different options to get access to my handpicked vegan, favorites. Vegetarian and Pescatarian options also available.

Option 1-Vickee's Handpicked Recipes

Receive 15 recipes with breakfast, dinner, and lunch along with delicious smoothies and healthy snacks.  Plus you'll get a shopping list and meal planner so you won't have to think so hard. You can definitely add this to your meatless Monday collection or show off your cooking skills for your family and friend gathering or social media.

Option 2- Premium Custom Meal Plan

With the premium custom meal plan you will receive 4 lunch/dinner recipes, 2 smoothie recipes, plus 1 bonus snack/ dessert recipe weekly. You also have the option of making them gluten free, soy free, and sugar free.   Being a premium member you won't have to worry about what's for dinner anymore. 

Along with this membership you will receive discounts to other programs and supplement products that no one else will receive.

These recipes are delicious and promote weight-loss.



Join me to start your health on the good foot and to make your transition smooth sailing. 

Go Ahead 

Sign up NOW!

Many people who transition to a plant based diet don't know what to prepare or get overwhelmed with long recipes. Have you had this issue???

Well my friend I am a simple kind of gal and I love great tasting food. 

Plus a diet high in plant consumption such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and seeds has been known to provide an individual with some pretty great benefits:

  • helps to lose excess weight

  • lowers blood sugar levels and improves kidney function

  • may protect against certain cancers

  • helps to reduce the arthritis pain

Awesome Right??

Well What Are Your Waiting For??

Become a plant-based tribe member

Get started for as low as $10 a month.

Don't want a monthly commitment?
Get the New Vegan and Plant-based Recipe Pack for only
*Dairy and Meat free
*one time only payment (limited time only)
Say hello to delicious dishes like:
Greek Pasta Salad, Stuffed Acron Sqaush, Sweet Potato Protein Bowl, Vegan Hash, Trail Mix Cookies, Black Bean Bownies, Strawberry Sunshine Bowl, plus more

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