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Frequently asked questions

What is the reason for two consultation calls?

Both calls are in place to strategize about your goals and what you desire for your health and fitness. As well as to make sure that this program and my coaching is the best fit for you.

Is this 12 week program in person as well?

Unfortunately all programs are online. However, they do include coaching calls via phone, social media, and zoom video conference. If you are a local client there will be in person check ins.

Can I do more than 12 Weeks? Or less than 12 weeks?

Yes, 12 weeks is what I initially start with, but you have the option to add a longer duration 6 months+. There is nothing less than 12 week. In my experience many goals cannot be accomplished in 4 weeks. 4-6 Week only scratches the surfaces.

Why can't I just purcahse a program without calling?

Both program require actual coaching.