Strengthen With V Fitness

Q. Is the meal plan for your fitness program all vegan?

-No. It's for individuals who consume meat as well. It's for individuals who desire to live a healthier life by changing their habits. This program is separate from the cooking parties. 

Q. Do i have to be in Nashville in order to be apart of the program?

-No I have an online program that can be done anywhere.

Q. I have knee and back issues. Do you coach individuals with those issues?

-Yes. Everything can be modified and you must have a doctor's release.

Q. Do you provide nutrition coaching only?


Q. Do you provide personal training?

-No only group coaching. The online coaching is separate form group training. 

Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Party

Q. Is this a catering company or do you cater?​

-No. It's simply a vegan party or gathering where you invite your closest friends or family and have a good time.

Q. Do you provide healthy cooking with meat products?

-No. It's healthy vegan and vegetarian dishes. Some custom meals can be vegetarian , but with so many options on the market there are always substitutes for eggs, milk, cheese etc.

Q. Do you have options for people who have allergies or sensitivities to gluten, soy, and nuts.

-Yes. You have the ability to customize your menu.

Q. Where are the parties held?

-The parties are held at YOUR house or apartment. If your place is not suitable ask a friend.

Q. Do you have LIVE events for the public.

-Yes. All venues are different and tickets are sold on Eventbrite or on my website. 

Q. An in home cooking party sounds expensive. What's the cost.

-fees are as follows: Non-refundable deposit of $25

Host + 1-4 people ($30 per person)

Host+ 5-10 people ($25 per person)

Q. Do you have menus available? 

-Yes. Seasonal, themed, and customized.

Q. Will we be able to eat?

-Yes! Although this is a cooking demonstration  you get to try all foods. 

Q. What's included in with the party?

-All food is included                       -Nutrition tips

-Recipes from party                       -Drawings for prizes

-Discounts to other programs       - Unlimited tastings

If you have any other question that were not answered here please email and I will respond within 24 hours.