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Spring Re-Boot

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Welcome to the Spring Reboot. I'm Super Excited that you are interested in the 30 day program. The spring season is the season of NEW BEGINNINGS. The chill of the winter melts away, leaving you ready for lighter meals that place more emphasis on raw foods, natural detox, shedding winter weight if you gained it, and a cleansed, pared down diet and routine that support digestion and elimination. 

Make this your COMEBACK SEASON.

While you're giving yourself a new start, I'll encourage you to rethink your routine.

During this time the goal is to challenge and inspire you to create healthy habits everyday this season.  You'll learn to reach for foods that support your body's inherent detoxification processes, including an abundance of fresh greens like arugula, dandelion, spinach, watercress, and vegetables like asparagus, artichokes, radishes, and peas. Lemons are an ideal fruit for Spring detox and liver support, so you'll be encouraged to start a habit of drinking a glass of warm lemon water each morning. 

You'll start to see  truly radiant skin an increased energy, clearer thinking, weight release and ore.

Commit to living like your best self this Spring?

This challenge will be conducted in a private Facebook group and Zoom where you'll get live coaching from Coach Vickee. If you don't have Facebook you'll receive all info through your email or and text message. This is a chance for you to get clear on your health and fitness goals and make it sustainable this time around. Also just so you know they'll be some work involved, like goal homework not working out. 

What you'll receive during the program is two Bags of delicious vegan protein which has 20 grams of protein and 20 essential vitamins and minerals. You'll get two boxes of energy fizz sticks, an all natural gentle pick me up.  Two boxes of Cleantox detox tea that supports the liver and kidney function. One box of gut health which is a 3-in-1 prebiotic, probiotic, and digestive enzyme. One box of gentle body cleanse that supports the gastrointestinal tract as well as a one container of superfoods greens. Because lets face it we never get enough greens in a day. 

Along with the supplement kit you'll receive 30 days of fat burning exercises (that can be done at home or at the gym) tailored to your skills, nutrition coaching, a recipe book, and shopping list. Plus accountability and support. 

The program is super simple and delicious making your day super easy. A smoothie for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, healthy snacks, and a lean and green meal for dinner. The program cost is just over $9 a day plus tax and shipping. So that's 60 meals, 60 healthy energy drinks, 40 tea detoxes, greens, gut health, and gentle body cleanse. 

30 Day Spring Re-boot Program.

You'll receive:

2 boxes of vegan Feel Fit Protein (your choice of flavor)

2 boxes off Energy Fizz stick (your choice of flavor)

1 box of Gut Health (probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme)

2 boxes of CleanTox Tea

1 box Cleantox Gentle Cleanse 

1 container BeWell Superfood Greens

1 Recipe e-book

30 days of nutrition coaching

30 day exercise programing 

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Feel like first option is too much???? Try my 30 day Healthy Habit Reboot



30 Healthy Habit Reboot Program

You'll also receive:

1 box of vegan Feel Fit Protein (your choice of flavor)

1 box off Energy Fizz stick (your choice of flavor)

1 box of Gut Health (probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive enzyme)

1 box of CleanTox Tea

1Recipe e-book

30 days of nutrition coaching

30 day exercise programing 


You can simply do the Re-Boot without the supplements.

Aren't You Ready :

~To create healthy habits for life?

~To gain more energy than ever?

~To balance your gut and mood?

~To gain the confidence to improve your life?

~To fit into those cute clothes  again?


Click in the box and fill out the application

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