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5 Day Event 

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Check out the videos for each day.

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Day 1: Is Your Health a Priority?
Have these 4 values and get your goals together.
Click here to listen

Homework for the day:
Make sure to write this down. This will be apart of your personalized plan. 
1. After the live video I want you to get to planning. I want you to plan what type of exercise you will be engaging in on tomorrow (Tuesday). It does not have to be extreme. It could be as easy as walking or dancing. 20-30 minutes. 

2. I want you to plan your healthy breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.  This is going to allow you to go through the day without having an afternoon slump on energy, overeating at night, as well as reduce over exertion when you get home.
3. Record a video of yourself sharing

  • Your name
    Where you're from 
    One thing interesting about you
    Your 5 and 90 day health goal

Day 2: You Need Clarification

Get clear on your BIG WHY! So that you have a sustainable transformation and lifestyle personally and for your business.

Click here to listen (ready at 1:30p)

Homework for the day:

1. Plan another 20-30 minute workout. This time change it up, if you did cardio yesterday you will do strength on today. Need Inspiration? Click here.

2. I want you to keep up with the breakfast and lunch as you did on yesterday. You don’t have to have the same you can switch it up. But what I do want you to do is have at least 2 pieces or servings of fruit and 3 servings of veggies on tomorrow (Wednesday). Yes this is in addition to your breakfast and lunch.

3. Share a video of WHAT YOUR BIG WHY IS and engaging with at least 3 others videos.

Day 3: Three Pillars to Long-lasting health

Click here to listen (ready at 1:30p)

Homework for the day:

  1. We’re going to keep it at 30 minutes again. Let’s some cardio and core in. Here’s a routine you can follow.

  2. SO  we’re going to build up each day. Continue your breakfast lunch, and dinner. Now we’re going to add water in there. I want you all to concentrate on 64 oz of water for the next couple of days. That’s four of the  16 oz bottles of water.

  3. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on mindset, strategy and accountability and WHY you rated themselves at that level. Then post it in the Facebook group and engage with at least 3 others posts!

Day 4: 

Click here to listen (ready at 1:30p)

Homework for the day:

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