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21 days may not be enough time to break the unhealthy chains, the years of poor eating  habits. During your on and off health and fitness journey you may not have seen the real results you desire. Or you may have accomplished goals, but ended up going backwards because of a small setback, only to gain  and be disappointed in yourself yet again. You've made a commitment to really focus on you, written your goals on paper, and still didn't follow through like you planned. Now here we go back at square one...thinking "what's my problem" or "I'm such a failure." Well have you ever thought that you're too busy allowing the evil one to  influence your actions by telling you lies of "You can't do" or "what's the point." Maybe what you need is to allow God to help you with the  REAL DAILY STRUGGLE and that's to RUN to HIM in this time of need and to make changes that will be sustainable and long-lasting for your health.

In order to be a woman of Faith: you have to first believe that your journey  (and it may be a longer one than expected) can be accomplished. You may stumble, you may run into obstacles, but the most important thing is that you must BELIEVE you can do it and persevere. Have Faith!

In order to be a woman of Strength: you must not only know how to build physical muscle (lift weights, get toned), but you must develop STRONG mental muscles to Push Through. Yes MINDSET is important. You must be able to push past the lies of the evil one, the naysayers, and the ones who expect you to fail. Because they are going to do everything they can to discourage.

In order to be a women of Moderation: you must learn control, stop eating mindlessly, and get to the root of the real problem. Though my motto is bring in more of the nutritious foods to crowd out the bad, learn to enjoy the food you love as God intended (that's not in excess). Moderation does not mean get rid of EVERYTHING you love, it simply means downsize and don't use food for comfort. However, if that very thing you love is Killing you get rid of it. 

So what's all in the

accountability group coaching:

  1. Weekly lessons putting focus back on God as well as nutrition to allow you to get to the root of your poor eating habits and breaking those unhealthy chains.

  2. Planned workouts to maximize your results and reach your goals 

  3. Live video chat check ins (via ZOOM). This is where group accountability comes in. Interaction and encouragement from other women.

    1. Online 3x per week

    2.  Nashville 2x per week + 1 live meeting in Nashville, TN

  4. 1 live cooking party

  5. W​eekly meal prep session *optional  for Nashville group

Accountability Coaching is best experienced with a group because ACCOUNTABILITY is KEY

Let’s get on track or back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel – the way you deserve to feel. Pre-register for my FALL Accountability Group Coaching Today! Goals are better accomplished when you have someone cheering you on. BREAK CHAINS & BE FRE

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